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As many of our plants are hard to find, our stock may be limited in certain rare species.  
We do our best to keep a good inventory at all times. Since certain species are harder to get started or find, we are propogating these ourselves.

Common and Rare Fruit TreesAntique Roses
We joined the Rare Fruit Tree Society first to learn about the edible plants one could grow in Florida. Now, we belong to many different Rare Fruit Tree Societies in Florida.  If you can eat it and grow it here, we have it or we can get it for you.  If it does not grow here successfully, we will let you know.  We have the most up to date edible plants for maximum fruit production on this coast.About 200 varieties of old garden roses are planted on the property.  Of these, we keep a changing inventory of some of our favorites. Some date back to the 1800's.  All are on their own roots.  They do not have to be sprayed like the hybrid roses.  They bloom on and off all year with the largest blooms during the cooler months. These are roses that take very little care

We are members of the Passiflora Society.  We love vines, and have the largest collection and selection of vines in the State of Florida.We are members of the Bamboo Society.  We have bamboo gardens all around the property, and a special place, Bamboo Island. We sell 20+ varieties of bamboo in all sizes from 3 gallon to 45 gallon.
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