Frequently Asked Questions

Palm Leaf Scales

Answer: The palm leaf scales are actually a small, mature, female insect. They are literally just a small headless, legless bump once the female has matured. It is unable to move from where it has planted itself. Palm leaf scales damage the tree by inserting a straw like appendage into the tree, and sucking the fluids out. One scale will not hurt a tree, but as they multiply, the sheer numbers can slowly kill it.

Treatment for Palm Scale: Palm leaf scales are very difficult to get rid of, but it can be done. Typical treatment is to repeatedly spray the palm tree leaves with horticultural oil, or a mixture of equal parts rubbing alcohol and water mixed with some dish soap. If you have the patience, you can paint straight rubbing alcohol onto each scale individually.

You can also use a product called Atomic Grow that will bring your palm back to health so you do not have this problem again. Plus, it will clean off the leaves, and make it look newer than new. Kathy

Sago Palm and Asian Cycad Scale

Answer: It may have Asian Cycad Scale. It is very common, especially on the Sago Palm. There is no known cure. The University of Florida is currently doing many studies on proper treatment. One of the products being tested by Dr. Robert Stamps is Atomic Grow which is a foliar spray, and it will dehydrate the scale immediately. Atomic Grow is non-toxic, and works very, very well on scale of all kinds. As it dehydrates, the insects, it loosens their ability to adhere to the plant. They can literally be washed off with gentle pressure. At the same time, Atomic Grow has a stimulating effect on the Sago, and will actually increase the growth rate. I have personally used this product in many commercial landscaping applications, and it is simply fascinating. It is non-selective, so you can use it on your other plants as well. We feel that Atomic Grow restores the health of the plant from poison and fertilizer abuse. It will clean the plant, and allow healing to take place. Being organic, you will never have to go back to poison products for any of your plant problems. Kathy

Mealy Bugs

Answer: We sell a product at the nursery called Atomic Grow. It is totally organic and can be used on all your plants. Your hibiscus is being hurt by mealy bugs, and the new, pink mealy bug that has been around for maybe three years now. The bugs ruin the flowers, and even make leaves smaller. However, there is now hope. Kathy.

Leaf Miner and Sooty Mold

Answer: You have two problems. Curling leaves are from the leaf miner. The bugs are sucking the life out of the plant, turning the leaves yellow. The black is from sooty mold. If you want to go organic, I suggest Atomic Grow to bring your plant back to health and rid it of all it's problems. Kathy