Atomic Grow Homewoner's Formula

Instructions for Mixing and Spraying

NOTE: Spray in the early morning, before 10, or early evening, after 5, so the leaves do not burn in the sun. Remember, it does not go bad if you do not use it all.


Mix 1/2 teaspoon of Atomic Grow in one gallon of water. Spray when seedlings first emerge. Then, spray the leaves weekly for best results.

Fruit Trees and Bushes, Ornamentals and Palms

Mix one tablespoon of Atomic Grow in one gallon of water. Spray once a week for three weeks. Then go to a once a month spray schedule. Call or email me for instructions on sicker plants or for fixing it with other products.

AFTER THE FIRST SPRAYING, your plants will develop larger root systems supporting a surge of super healthy growth. It also makes plants more drought and frost resistant.

Atomic Grow is made of soy, corn, grains, potatoes and cactus... food to feed food.