Put Mother Nature in charge with Atomic Grow.

We spray Atomic Grow™, a growth enhancer, on our plants, young and old. If your trees or plants are not doing as good as they should, spraying our product on them will bring them back to good health. Use once a month for optimum plant health. It will not work if you leave it sitting on the counter. It will not go bad leaving it in a container till you use it again. Spray the leaves. Note: this product is a concentrate! To learn more, visit or email your question to me. Kathy

Crowley Nursery is the exclusive distributor of this groundbreaking product. Come in for a visit and take Atomic Grow™ home with you.

Atomic Grow: is it a fertilizer?

Atomic Grow is not a fertilizer. AG is designed to make fertilizers work better and increase plant efficiencies. AG enters through the leaf and is designed to work inside the plant. AG’s main function is to break surface tension, break down plant starches, NPK and minor elements inside the plant for easy absorption into plant cells. We do this with Angstrom particles not much larger than the atoms. This process reduces plant stress and increases metabolism.

Reduce Watering

AG works hard inside the plant to break down molecules including water molecules. AG is designed to dramatically increase the efficiency of the plant. If we increase the plants ability to absorb water then we don’t need as much water. The homeowners that are first to understand this are the first to begin saving money on fuel to run pumps and water bills. Atomic Grow products love drought. When using Atomic Grow, cut the water back.

Is It Really All Natural?

Yes, Atomic Grow is non-GMO, Florida D.E.P. accepted and totally all natural. The word ATOMIC does not mean that things are un-natural. Atomic means our particles sizes are very very small, about 1000 times smaller than a micron. it’s a radical name for a radical product that works.

Why Should I buy Atomic Grow?

Think of Atomic Grow as a necessity or tool. It is designed to make your garden more efficient in many ways. Atomic Grow will pay for itself over and over again and keep your plants super clean and healthy. Get some from Crowley Nursery and learn how to use it. Atomic Grow will bring your garden to a new level. Use this vascular technology to your advantage whatever you grow.