Put Mother Nature in charge with Atomic Grow

We spray Atomic Grow™, a growth enhancer, on our plants, young and old. If your trees or plants are not doing as good as they should, spraying our product on them will bring them back to good health. Use once a month for optimum plant health. It will not work if you leave it sitting on the counter. It will not go bad leaving it in a container till you use it again. Spray the leaves. Note: this product is a concentrate! To learn more, visit or email your question to me. Kathy


Atomic Grow™

Size 8 oz Price $15.00 Sales Tax+Shipping $7.00 Total $22.00

Size 16 oz Price $25.00 Sales Tax+Shipping $12.00 Total $37.00

Size 32 oz Price $45.00 Sales Tax+Shipping $15.00 Total $60.00

Size 1 gallon Price $150.00 Sales Tax+Shipping $30.00 Total $180.00

Crowley Nursery is the exclusive distributor of this groundbreaking product. Come in for a visit and take Atomic Grow™ home with you, or we have everything ready to start shipping to you now. *If you are outside of these United States, please contact the nursery for your shipping rate.